Why You Need to Insist Upon an Accident Report after a Florida Workplace Accident

Why You Need to Insist Upon an Accident Report after a Florida Workplace Accident

When an injured employee proceeds forward with reporting their workplace injuries to their employer and they receive pushback because of it, the situation can feel very upsetting and distressful for the injured worker. It may not seem fair that employers respond to injured employees by being difficult, and it is not fair, but it does happen. If you were injured while on the job in Florida, you have the right to file a Florida workers’ compensation claim regardless of if your employer likes it or not.

If you need help with the Florida workers’ compensation process or you are facing challenges due to the way that your employer is treating you with regard to your intent to file a claim, call the talented attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group immediately for assistance. Almost all businesses that exist in the state of Florida must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Because Florida is a no-fault state, it doesn’t matter who caused your accident. You have the right to pursue Florida workers’ compensation benefits to help you pay for your medical care and to help with your wages if you are out of work for a while getting better.

What To Do If Your Employer Is Refusing To Report Your Workplace Injuries to their Insurance Provider?

Why You Need to Insist Upon an Accident Report after a Florida Workplace AccidentAn employer who is uncooperative and refusing to help you smoothly move forward with your claim is a frustrating thing to deal with. However, you have rights and you have options to keep pursuing your claim regardless of if your employer reports it or not.

First, it is important that as soon after your accident takes place and you sustain injuries, you meet with your supervisor and tell them about your injuries. It is critical that you do not wait at all to do this. The only thing that should prevent you from immediately speaking to your employer after your accident is if your accident is so severe you need immediate medical attention. Only then would you wait until you are physically able to discuss your circumstances with your employer.

During your meeting with your employer about your Florida workers’ compensation claim, ask them to fill out an accident/incident report. It is critical to the strength of your claim and to your case for obtaining the benefits that you have in this written report. Also, don’t leave with a copy unless your supervisor or human resources professional also signs it. A signature gives the Florida workers’ compensation insurance company a contact person to call and gather more information about your situation and it also validates that an accident did take place at work.

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If your employer won’t report your accident, you can work with the Orlando workers’ compensation attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group. Our legal team will connect with your employer’s insurance provider and inform them of your situation as well as supply them with your accident report. Your employer will be unable to avoid having their insurance provider stay in the dark about your Florida workplace accident situation

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