Why You Shouldn’t Sign A Medical Authorization Without Talking to Your Attorney

Why You Shouldn’t Sign A Medical Authorization Without Talking to Your Attorney

When you are in a Florida car accident you are likely to have a lot on your plate. You may have injuries that require medical attention, treatment, therapy, and medication to heal and recover. You also may have property damage that must be taken care of, be experiencing emotional distress, be unable to work and earn a paycheck, trying to figure out how to handle the legal process to obtain compensation for your damages, and wondering how you are going to get the money to pay for everything without a settlement. Naturally, this situation is stressful and if you aren’t knowledgeable about Florida personal injury law, you may not be sure how you can handle the legal process.

Working with a Florida personal injury attorney can take a lot of pressure off a victim and help them focus only on healing and getting better. The Orlando car accident attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group have over 25 years of practicing personal injury law and workers’ compensation law in the state of Florida. The Florida injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group understand how the legal system operates and how the dishonest insurance companies function.

Will Medical Release Forms Help Your Florida Personal Injury Case?

Why You Shouldn't Sign A Medical Authorization without Talking to Your AttorneyVictims of Florida automobile accidents will receive many different types of paperwork from the insurance company. A victim may feel compelled to quickly sign everything and send it back, but doing that could jeopardize a Florida personal injury claim. It is best that any form you get from the insurance company is examined by your attorney. Your Florida personal injury lawyer can counsel you on what to do with regard to the forms that are sent to you.

A medical authorization is a way that the insurance company can have legal access to look at all of your private information held within your medical records. They can assess everything which in most cases, is unnecessary. Many times insurance companies really only need to have the medical information related to your injuries from your Florida car accident.

If you have a medical authorization that the insurance company wants you to sign, wait until your attorney sees it. If the insurance company doesn’t need that amount of information about your personal background, your lawyer will see to it that the insurance company only gets the limited facts that they need. The insurance company does not need more information on you than is necessary. The only reason they want to have the privilege to search your medical history is to find something that they can use against you and as a reason to pay you less in your settlement.

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