Workers Comp & Mental Health Coverage for Injured Workers in Florida

Workers Comp & Mental Health Coverage for Injured Workers in Florida

Orlando, FL – Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health Coverage is often provided to workers in Florida who suffer from an injury while on the job. The provision of compensation to these workers is required by Florida law. However, most employees who have been injured on the job only seek workers’ compensation for physical injuries, as they are largely unaware of attaining the benefits of mental health coverage for their injury as well. However, it should be noted that psychiatric and psychological benefits are only provided to the employee as a part of their compensation plan if their mental health is affected as a result of a physical injury. If your injury has resulted in you feeling nervous, anxious, or depressed, you are entitled to mental health compensation.

Workers Comp Mental Health Coverage Guidelines

Mental health coverage, although available, has strict guidelines for when it can be availed. This includes:

  1. Mental health which is compromised due to fright, excitement, or stress does not qualify for coverage (e.g. a police offer suffering from PTSD as a result of being shot during the course of duty)
  2. The physical injury must account for 50% of the mental condition compared to all other contributing causes
  3. Temporary wage loss benefits are limited to a max of 6 months after the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement for the physical injury
  4. Mental health compensation is capped at 1%

Workers Compensation Exclusion Criteria

As with all laws, mental health compensation follows a strict exclusion criterion. You can only be eligible for attaining mental health coverage if you meet the guidelines mentioned above. The following situations are excluded from mental health coverage under Florida Workers Compensation laws:

  1. A mental injury resulting from excitement, fright, or stress (e.g. anxiety due to having to deal with a “difficult boss)
  2. A disease manifested as dislike or fear due to race, sex, religion, color, or handicap
  3. Suffering from mental injury (like depression) from being unemployed or because of lost employment opportunities.


You can only be eligible for mental health coverage if the mental injury is induced either by physical injury while on the job, or if extraordinary conditions (such as prolonged sitting hours with minimal breaks lead to physical disabilities that cause mental injury) which occur on the job.

Remember though, just “suffering from stress” because the job “is too hard”, is not a valid reason, and your claim will be denied. Extraordinary causes which can induce stress include work evaluations, promotions, transfers, demotions, terminations and salary reviews. If any of these factors affect your mental health but not your physical health, you do not qualify for mental health compensation under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws.

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