Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL and the Jones Act

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando, FL and the Jones Act

Orlando, FL – Many people do not know the dangers a ship can pose, especially to those who have to deal with it on a daily basis. Sailors can suffer a tragic injury at sea and not have access to medical care for days until reaching shore. The Jones Act was enacted in light of the dangers and special circumstances faced by the seamen while at work.

If duty contributes to the injury of the sailor, regardless of how small, the employer of the sailor will be accountable under the Jones act and will be liable. Jones Act litigation serves to recover compensation for disfigurement, mental anguish, pain and suffering and damages, including medical expenses and lost wages.

How Does the Jones Act Help?

The Jones Act is an act defined by the federal law that allows injured sailors to seek compensation and benefits for all kinds of injuries that may have resulted from either the negligence of their co-workers or their employers while they were working on a U.S vessel. Through the Jones Act, the dangers and the hard maritime work that the seamen go through is recognized, even if the sailor is working voluntarily while completely aware of the risks and dangers involved.

The Jones Act can be claimed even if the slightest of the negligence was imposed by the employer which contributed to the injury of the respective sailor. Moreover, an injured sailor can also file a claim with a Workers’ Compensation attorney against the owner of a vessel if he believes the vessel was not safe to go out on a sea expedition. If the employer fails to provide adequate medical care to the sailor, even then he is answerable to the law.

Cure and Maintenance Benefits for the Workers’ Compensation

Other than the remedies of the Jones Act, any sailor who has been injured on a vessel is also deserving of a legal right for receiving cure and maintenance benefits, regardless of whoever was at fault for causing him such pain. Cure benefits include providing the injured maritime worker with proper rehabilitative, medical and hospital care.

Maintenance benefits include daily allowance of approximately $10 to $40 per day which helps cover food and shelter costs which a maritime worker might have received when aboard at sea uninjured.

The Cure and Maintenance benefits end when the injuries of the maritime worker reach full medical improvement, regardless of him being able to fully recover or return to work.

Liability of a Third Party

If the vessel was owned by the employer as well as independent contractor, then it is completely okay for the maritime worker to file a personal injury action for his injuries against the independent contractor as well. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, FL can help the maritime worker determine all forms of recovery.

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