Workers Compensation Attorney Orlando – Injuries

Workers Compensation Attorney Orlando – Injuries

As an employee, you want to make sure that the workplace you work in is a comfortable organization, providing you with the benefits you are entitled, especially when it comes to insurance benefits. Health insurance is the primary benefit that all organizations offer in the case of injury or death. However, one of the other benefits you want to make sure to attain is workers compensation.

In some cases, it just so happens that employees suffer from illness or injury which can result either at the workplace, or because of the work itself. Workers compensation is applicable if you happen to suffer from work-related illness or injury, in which case your employer holds the responsibility for providing you with compensation benefit. However, there are some questions which you need to make sure you answer yourself before assuming you may be eligible for workers compensation.

Are all on-the-job injuries covered by workers’ compensation?

Workers compensation covers most on-the-job, but not all, injuries. It provides benefits to the workers who have been injured physically by the organization, even if that injury is the result of the employer’s carelessness.

Yet, there are still limitations. These limitations mean the employer or organization is not responsible for your injury. Examples include the following:

  • Injuries that are a result of illicit drug use or intoxication while on the job
  • Injuries that are self-inflicted
  • Injuries that are a result of the worker committing a crime
  • Injuries suffered when not employed by the organization
  • Injuries suffered when violating company policy

Am I eligible for workers compensation if I suffer from long-term illnesses and problems?

In order to receive workers compensation, it is not necessary for your injuries to be the result of an accident. You can be eligible for workers compensation even in the case that injuries are caused over a long period of time while at work, which develop gradually, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, and chronic back pain. You can also be compensated for illnesses or diseases that result from work conditions, such as lung disease and heart conditions.

Am I eligible for Workers Compensation if I am not injured at the workplace?

Yes. If your injury is job-related, it’s covered, whether it’s at the work place itself, while travelling overseas, or running a work-related errand, you are eligible for workers compensation.

Can I be treated by my own Doctor if I suffer from a work-related injury or illness?

In the case that you wish to be treated by your own doctor, you would need to a formal written request for this to be taken into consideration. However, it’s more likely that you would be referred to your employer’s doctor.