Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida – What Are You Entitled to Receive

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida – What Are You Entitled to Receive

Orlando, FL – If you are injured while working, you are entitled to receive certain benefits depending upon your condition and workers’ compensation benefits pertaining to it. While a workers’ compensation attorney can explain better about what you are exactly entitled to receive, following is a brief explanation of the main workers’ compensation benefits in Orlando Florida.

Medical Benefits

The medical reimbursement component of the Florida’s worker compensation law includes the following. All these benefits may be provided by the employer through an insurance carrier.

  • An authorized and expert medical doctor or specialist to treat on-job injury/disease.
  • All the required medical care and treatment pertaining to the employee’s injury.
  • Coverage for doctor’s fee, hospitalization expense, physical therapy, medical tests, prostheses, prescribed medicines etcetera.
  • Coverage for the travel expense that incurred while visiting the doctor and pharmacy.

Temporary Disability Benefits

You might not be able to work for a while, as a result of the on-job accident or occupational disease. The temporary disability benefits are a way of reimbursing for the lost wages. There are two types of temporary disability benefits: Temporary total disability (TT) and Temporary partial disability (TP).

Temporary Total Disability

If the authorized doctor says in writing that you are not physically fit to work because of your on-job injury, you are entitled to receive a certain percentage of your current salary. This reimbursement is subjected to the state’s reimbursement limits. The temporary total disability benefits are not given for the first seven days of the disability. You start receiving the benefits from day eight onwards unless you are disabled for more than 21 days. If the doctor says that you cannot work for more than 21 days, then you are entitled to receive reimbursement for the first seven days as well.

In case of several injuries, you can receive temporary total disability benefits of up to 80% of your wages for a maximum period of 6 months after the injury.

Temporary Partial Disability

If the authorized doctor says that you are fit to work but with certain restrictions, you may receive temporary partial disability benefits depending upon your condition and restrictions.

Overall, you can receive the temporary disability benefits for a total of up to 104 weeks.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PT)

If an employee is permanently disabled due to the work related injury, he/she is entitled to receive the permanent total disability benefits. However, this happens only when the authorized doctor certifies that all the possible treatment have been given; there is nothing much that can be done to improve the employees’ condition and the employee is left permanently unable to work.

Death Benefits

If an employee dies within one year of the work-related injury/disease or within five years of continuous disability, the dependents of the deceased are entitled to receive funeral expenses, compensation and educational assistance. The maximum reimbursement that the dependents can receive is USD 150, 000.

Consult a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando Florida and stay informed about your rights as an employee.

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