Workers Compensation in Orlando, FL – 5 Facts You Should Know

Workers Compensation in Orlando, FL – 5 Facts You Should Know

Orlando, FL – When it comes to workers compensation laws, each state has their own laws which are designed for compensating employees for work related injuries. Even though each state has its own laws, there are some rules which apply to all states. Here are five facts you should know.

1. Workers compensation is not required by all employers

In every state, there are a required minimum number of employees which an employer needs to employ before he is required to sign up for workers compensation. Usually, the number of employees required is 2-4. So if you work for a small business, it’s possible that your employer doesn’t have worker’s compensation.

Furthermore, every employee isn’t always covered. If you’re hired by your company as a “casual employee,” then you’re not covered by worker’s compensation.

2. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was

Usually when a situation results in an injury, the injured party needs to prove that it was another person that caused the injury and that they are accountable for it. However, for workers compensation, this requirement has been omitted to make it easier for the injured party to obtain compensation and medical treatment. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. All that matters is that the injury either happened at work or was work related.

3. Your employer decides who your authorized medical provider should be

It is your employer’s job to seek out a medical provider to look after your work-related injury and pay your medical bills. If you refuse treatment from the authorized medical provider, you may actually risk losing your claim. Furthermore, if you choose to go to your own doctor, you will have to pay the bills yourself. That’s double the financial loss.

4. Workers compensation cases are handled on a contingency basis

In most states, it’s not permissible by law for a workers compensation lawyer to charge their clients a flat rate. Charging a flat rate means that you will pay your lawyer regardless of whether or not you win your case. Workers compensation lawyers are required to work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will only be paid a percentage of the claim that is recovered upon winning the case. If compensation is not recovered, you do not have to pay your lawyer.

5. Workers compensation commission approves your lawyer’s fee

There is a Workers Compensation Commission/Board for every state. Their aim is to settle disputes between employee and employer, related to the employee’s injury. Another task of the commission is to approve workers compensation lawyer’s fees. Generally, the fee is between 1/4th – 1/3rd of the compensation which is awarded to the employee who has been injured.

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