Workers’ Compensation Law for Trucking Related Injuries in Orlando Florida

Workers’ Compensation Law for Trucking Related Injuries in Orlando Florida

Orlando, FL – Florida is ranked as the third highest state for trucking related injuries in the United States. The state was ranked third after the National Highway Truck Safety Administration released the statistics according to which, out of 142,000 injuries in the tractor trailer accidents, 8,877 happened in the Sunshine State.

Common Trucking Related Injuries in Orlando Florida

Hundreds and thousands of truck drivers are hurt every month in Orlando Florida. Some of the common truck related injuries include road collisions, loading/unloading injuries, lifting injuries, heart attacks, musculoskeletal injuries, assaults, burn accidents, eye injuries, severe back pain, spinal injuries, lumbar and herniated disc. All these injuries are covered under the workers’ compensation law in Orlando Florida.

If you have been in such an unfortunate accident, it is important that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney and claim your reimbursement. However in order to file a successful and valid claim, it is imperative that you know what the federal regulations are regarding the trucking related injuries. Also it is important for you to know what and how the laws govern the claims for interstate drivers.

What the Workers Compensation Law Covers?

Worker’s compensation law normally provides coverage for the medical treatment of the injured driver. If the truck driver became temporarily or permanently disabled, or is unable to go to work due to the injury, the lost wages are also reimbursed under the workers’ compensation law. However, the amount of compensation that the driver would get depends upon the severity of the injury, the reason behind the accident and the particular law pertaining to it.

There are numerous reasons that could result in a truck accident. Some of the common reasons for trucking accidents in Orlando Florida are briefed as follows.

  • The truck driver is fatigued and exhausted from long hours of driving
  • The truck is overloaded in order to deliver as much goods as possible in a fewer trips
  • The driver is physically or mentally unfit
  • The driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs while driving
  • Defective components in the truck
  • Vehicle’s mechanical failure
  • Trucks’ tires are over inflated or under inflated
  • The driver is under pressure to meet a delivery deadline and is therefore driving dangerously fast
  • The driver is not very competent at driving on highways.
  • The driver does not maintain enough space between the truck and other vehicles
  • The driver is facing difficulty in seeing the blind spots and therefore other vehicles are not in range of the truck’s side mirrors.

It can be very difficult and frustrating to find what and how much reimbursement you are entitled to get.

Even if you are at fault partially, you are still entitled to a certain amount of reimbursement. All in all, the workers’ compensation laws for truck related accidents are very complex. Even more complex is to file the claim and get the rightful compensation.

Trucking injuries are very severe yet very common in Orlando Florida. A workers’ compensation attorney will not only help you understand your rights but would also deal with the insurance company and other state departments on your behalf.

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