Workers’ Compensation Program: The Types of Benefits Offered

Workers’ Compensation Program: The Types of Benefits Offered

Orlando, FL – A number of benefits are offered under a workers’ compensation program. These include medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, disability coverage and other related costs that may arise during your treatment.  In cases in which someone dies during work, their families may be offered some death benefits. We will quickly go over the main benefits that are generally offered. If you have any questions, either ask your employer or a qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando.

Medical Care

The medical care costs cover expenses such as your doctor’s fees, hospital bills, surgical expenses, costs of medicines and any other expenses related to your treatment. If any additional equipment is required for your assistance such as a wheelchair, a walking cane or another special vehicle, that will also be covered. Depending on your situation, you may also receive coverage for services such as acupuncture, pain therapy and even counseling.

Please note that while many of your medical bills will be covered, it only applies to registered health professionals and practices. Moreover, treatment is covered only if a doctor recommends it. If you want to see your own doctor or follow your own treatment plans, those charges will probably not be covered. In such a case, a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando may be able to help you.

Please note that some employers do allow you to seek advice from your own preferred doctor. But before you do this, get an approval in writing so that your employer cannot deny the costs later on.


Rehabilitation covers all expenses related to therapeutic care which a doctor deems mandatory for you. For instance, if you require physical therapy to heal, it will be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation program. Similarly, if you need any sort of training to regain your skills, these are also covered.

In some instances, an injured individual cannot return to the same work capacity even after they have been treated. Should this be the case, rehabilitation will also cover costs incurred for evaluation, retraining and any other program which is necessary for you so that you can gain qualification for some other job.


Disability benefits apply only if you become disabled because of your injury, and hence, cannot work at all. There are four main types of disability benefits: temporary, permanent, partial or total.

Temporary Total Disability

This benefit is awarded if you cannot work at all for a certain time period. Once the temporary total disability is over, you will be able to return to work.

Temporary Partial Disability

This benefit is offered if you cannot perform some of your duties for a certain time period. Once this period is over, you will be able to do your job exactly like you did prior to getting injured.

Permanent Total Disability

This benefit is offered if you cannot return to work even after you have been treated and healed.

Permanent Partial Disability

This benefit is offered when you can only work in a limited capacity.

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