Work Accidents in Orlando, Florida

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Every year, workplace accidents leave more than 70,000 people across Florida with injuries. The Sunshine State ranks second in the country for the number of workers injured or killed on the job. Reports from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more than 330 Floridians lose their lives every year while on the job.

Although there are benefits available for injured workers, receiving them is not always easy. There are a number of steps injured workers must take to ensure they receive the compensation and benefits they are due. Working with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Florida is always a good idea to explore the legal options available for individuals who suffer injuries in a work accident. It is crucial that workers injured on the job in Florida understand what exactly work accidents are and the legal options workers have after being involved while on the job.

Common Types of Work Accidents

Every day, numerous workers are involved in an array of unfortunate accidents while on the job. Many of these accidents send those involved to hospitals where they have to undergo extensive medical treatment. Although accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, and under any circumstances, we tend to see common patterns surrounding workplace accidents across Florida. Some of the most common types of work accidents the team at Vaughan Law Group helps injured workers with include:

Falling Object Injuries: Numerous workers are injured on the job after having objects fall on top of them. These accidents often occur as a result of improper storage and not using proper restraints.

Overexertion: These injuries are extremely common for workers who are forced to engage in repetitive motions. As one of the most common causes of workers’ compensation claims, these injuries usually result in overwhelming pain and suffering that requires extensive medical treatment and therapy.

Slip and Fall Accidents: These accidents are often the result of slippery, wet, or damaged surfaces. When floor areas are not clean and clear for workers, they can suffer devastating injuries.

Machine Entanglements: Workers are often left with devastating injuries due to defective or malfunctioning machines. These accidents are often devastating and result in nerve, muscle, and tissue damages, extensive scarring, and permanent disabilities.

Vehicle Accidents: Numerous workers are injured on the job in automobile accidents. These accidents are often extremely serious and leave victims with extensive injuries that require ongoing medical treatment. When brakes fail, trucks are not adequately loaded, or workers are harmed under various other circumstances, they may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

Retaining the legal guidance of a qualified and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney in Florida will ensure you are able to protect your legal rights after being harmed on the job.

Types of Disabilities in Florida Accidents

Victims involved in workplace accidents can suffer a variety of impairments and disabilities. The level of disability can determine how much coverage is available for injured workers. These categories include:

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD): This category is used to describe injured workers who are able to return to work with modified job duties. TPD workers usually endure reduced wages and hours.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD): This category describes workers who are rendered temporarily or totally disabled–making them unable to work.

Being categorized as either TTD or TPD will determine the amount of coverage, and the length of coverage, you can receive.

What are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Florida?

Workers who are employed with companies that have four or more employees are covered under workers’ compensation insurance policies. These policies are designed to protect both injured workers and their employers after workplace accidents. 

In Florida, injured workers are required to notify their employer within 30 days of an accident that caused an injury or illness. Reporting the accident as soon as possible is ideal as it ensures you have the best chances of obtaining the benefits you deserve. Those harmed will need to seek medical attention from an authorized medical provider. In general, injured workers are not able to receive coverage for medical treatment and services rendered by medical providers who were not pre-authorized by their employer. 

After notifying the employer, and seeking medical treatment, injured workers can submit an application for workers’ compensation benefits. These policies provide various types of benefits for workers who are injured on the job, including:

  • Coverage for medical treatment
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Coverage for medications 
  • Coverage for necessary medical equipment
  • Job replacement benefits 

The extent of benefits injured workers receive is based on the type of injury they sustain. Length and variety of benefits available depend on whether an injury creates no disability, a temporary disability, or results in a permanent disability. Working with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney in Florida will ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve.

How Vaughan Law Group Can Help You After a Work Accident

If you were injured on the job, or your loved one lost their life in a workplace accident, it is imperative that you reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney in Florida at your earliest convenience. You may have various benefits available to help you and your family move forward after an unfortunate accident.

Vaughan Law Group is dedicated to helping workers injured on the job throughout Florida get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. Whether an injured worker is interested in filing for workers’ compensation benefits, filing a third-party lawsuit, or exploring options available to them after an accident, we are dedicated to helping them obtain the outcome they expect for their claims. Our team provides aggressive and competent legal representation to ensure injured workers and their families are in the best position imaginable to move forward. Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys in Florida at (407) 648-4535 to schedule a free case evaluation at your earliest convenience.