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thomas-small The Vaughan Law Group is a renowned Orlando Florida Personal Injury & Workers Comp Attorney and Consumer Law Firm committed to serving aggrieved individuals in Florida and the United States. The firm has been honored with an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell; which is the highest rating possible. With more than 30 years of experience handling all types of injury cases in Central Florida including automobile accidents, workers’ compensation claims, motorcycle accidents, class action lawsuits, and mass torts, The Vaughan Law Group can provide the highest quality workers’ compensation legal representation and individual attention essential to successfully resolve your case.

In the mid-1980s, the firm focused primarily on Orlando workers’ compensation lawsuits, but shortly expanded to cover other areas of personal injury practice. The Vaughan Law Group now handles a wide variety of personal injury claims including wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, mass tort, and product liability cases, bad faith insurance claims, and certain consumer fraud and class action cases.

The Orlando Florida Personal Injury & Workers Comp Lawyer at The Vaughan Law Group has successfully litigated many claims against multi-million dollar corporations such as Disney, Universal Studios, Florida Hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center, and more. The Vaughan Law Group is networked in with a group of skilled law firms nationwide to collectively battle large companies without being financially intimidated.

If you’ve been injured, contact Orlando Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorneys today for a free consultation. Remember, we work on contingency.
That means you pay nothing unless we win.
Why Should I Hire a Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney?
So, you’ve decided that you want to file a lawsuit. That’s an important first step. The next thing you should to do is hire an experienced attorney. You may be able to get some money on your own. However, if you want to maximize your award or settlement you need to let a personal injury attorney handle your case.

Workers’ compensation laws in Orlando Florida provide various benefits for workers who are injured on the job. Some benefits available for injured workers include medical benefits, payments for lost wages, reemployment services, preferred worker programs, and more. When workers lose their lives as a result of their injuries, benefits may be available for surviving relatives. Workers who are seriously injured or killed in a work-related incident are often eligible to receive monetary benefits under the workers’ compensation laws.

As our attorneys take workers’ compensation claims on a contingency basis, we often put forth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to cover various costs for victims throughout their claims process. These costs are related to copying medical records, working with expert witnesses, and hiring court reporters whenever necessary. Once a settlement is reached, these costs are typically reimbursed.

Attorney fees for Florida and Orlando workers compensation attorneys are governed by Section 440 of the Florida Statutes. These fee rates can change as the statute gets amended from time-to-time. Currently, fees are based upon a percentage of the benefit that the attorney secures for his client and a rule-of-thumb percentage is 10% plus $750.00 (see the statute for the exact formula).

Workers who are injured on the job may be entitled to various benefits under workers’ compensation. Although not all-inclusive, some of the most common injuries we have helped victims recover benefits for including repetitive motion injuries, brain injuries, neurological injuries, orthopedic injuries, chemical exposure, paraplegia injuries, quadriplegia injuries, and more.

Anyone who is injured in a work-related accident, that occurs at the workplace during normal business hours or were injured during a work-sponsored event, should contact a skilled workers’ comp attorney to discuss your right to file a claim.

While workers’ compensation claims are designed and meant to be straightforward, the laws do vary considerably from state to state. There are certain procedural requirements that must be adhered to.

Although having an attorney to file your claim for workers’ compensation is not required in Florida, you can greatly benefit from working with our skilled and competent workers’ compensation attorneys at Vaughan Law Group. We are dedicated to protecting your legal rights so you can focus on recovering.

The fees our attorneys charge for workers’ compensation claims are governed by Section 440 of the Florida Statute. Though we would like to note that we charge no fees upfront. Instead, we work to protect the legal rights of injured workers and help them get the benefits and compensation they are entitled to before requiring any payments. We understand that most victims are left with financial struggles as they go from working to collecting benefits. For this reason, we aim to not add any more financial burdens to them during the claims process.

Although you are never forced to go to trial for your workers’ compensation claim, the specifics about each case can determine whether a trial would be in a claimant’s best interest. There are some cases where it can benefit claimants to provide the details surrounding their accident and injuries in the court of law. Doing so can help them prove their case and obtain the benefits they deserve. Thankfully, this is not always a requirement.

There is no set length of time for which a compensation case lasts in Orlando Florida. Instead, the length of the case is determined by the specific facts of a case. Various circumstances surrounding an accident may take more time and effort to prove. The more complex the claim, the longer you should expect it to take before receiving any benefits. Working with a skilled and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando is one way to ensure you do not waste any time on your claim.

Injured workers have very strict time constraints surrounding their abilities to file requests for workers’ compensation benefits. For this reason, it is crucial that they work quickly to ensure all procedural requirements are met so they can receive the benefits they deserve. Working with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney is your best bet for achieving the outcome you desire for your claim.

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