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Current Orlando Personal Injury Cases

Class Action

Vaughan Law Group is currently in litigation with Volkswagen of America arising out of a class action lawsuit filed by Vaughan Law Group last year for breaches of warranty regarding certain Audi and Volkswagen engines. The allegations are that these engines are failing because of sludge build-ups, in turn known as coking, caused by insufficient capacity in the oil pan and over-heating.

Vaughan Law Group’s case was the first filed in the nation and Vaughan Law Group is currently working with Counsel from around the country to achieve class certification and obtain a positive result for the aggrieved owners. (Federal District Court District of Mass.)

‘UPDATE: This case was recently successfully litigated to class certification. Consequently, a global settlement for all owners of the affected VW and Audi engines was achieved through the coordinated efforts of class counsel. A court-awarded attorney’s fee of $30 million is currently under appeal.’

Premises Liability/Apartment Complex

Client suffered from a seizure in the shower and fell thereby sustaining severe,disabling injuries. The apartment complex had been on notice that the client was in need of ADA assistive devices due to his condition but, unfortunately, failed to provide them.(18th Judicial Circuit)

Premises Liability/Entertainment Facility

Case against a major municipal entertainment facility and it’s cleaning service for lower extremity injuries that necessitated multiple surgeries. Defendants failed to remove debris from steps and failed to provide sufficient lighting to allow patrons to observe debris along the stair-path (9th Judicial Circuit)

Negligent Supervision / Premises Liability

Negligent supervision case versus a blood bank where the client suffered serious head and back injuries when left unattended after donating his blood. The injuries came about as a result of client becoming faint and light-headed due to loss of blood. With no personnel monitoring his activities, client lost consciousness and fell. (9th Judicial Circuit)

Personal Injury / Negligent / Failure to Maintain Roadway

Client was exiting interstate while safely operating his motorcycle. This particular exit ramp was within the zone of a large D.O.T. project that had been awarded to a general contractor. That contractor failed to remove dirt and debris dumped on the exiting ramp by dump truck that continuously crossed over it. The client’s motorcycle lost traction casing the client to slide into a parked vehicle. Catastrophic injuries were sustained and client developed in complete quadriplegia. (10th Judicial Circuit)

Negligent Supervision/Child Day Care Center

2 1/2 year old boy left unattended was attacked and repeatedly bitten by an unsupervised child leaving him with severe emotional and physical scarring. Defendants’ have shamefully attempted to blame the 2 1/2 year old victim for his own injuries including bites to the face and scalp. (7th Judicial Circuit)

Personal Injury/Negligence/Electrocution/ Premises Liability

Case against 4 defendants (power company, ranch, truck manufacturer, & overnight delivery service) for electrocution injuries leading to amputations and total disability. Client was operating a boom from his feed-delivery truck. The boom came into contact with tree limbs that were “hot” due to hidden electrical wires.(6th Judicial Circuit)

Worker Compensation

50 year old incomplete quadriplegic injured while on assignment in California. Vaughan Law Group is currently assisting this gentleman with transfer of his medical care to specialist in Miami, Florida.(District H)

Worker Compensation

30 year old deputy sheriff rendered incomplete quadriplegic from a bullet lodged in his spine. Vaughan Law Group is providing assistance on multiple fronts to include both medical benefits and financial monitoring. (District H)

Worker Compensation

60 year old former Red Cross worker with back injury and multiple surgeries. This gentleman has become paraplegic and currently is being assisted in obtaining suitable living arrangements in a facility that accommodate his needs. (District G)

Wrongful Death/ Car Accident/ Truck Accident / Premises Liability

Wrongful death truck accident case on behalf of the family of a young man whose truck hit a commercial dumpster loaded with cement and improperly placed within a few feet of the road by an adjacent apartment complex. The apartment complex claims to have “lost” computer records via burglary. These records would purportedly show who authorized the illegal relocation of the dumpster which, in turn, contributed to the clients’ death in this auto accident/truck accident case. (9th Judicial Circuit).

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