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Florida has more than its fair share of drivers that operate motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. Most accidents involving drunk drivers occur between 5:00pm (happy hour) and 3:00am (after bars close down). Drunk drivers are covered by their insurance policy for the negligent action of driving while intoxicated. Some drinking establishments may also be liable, and have coverage for, an accident involving a drunk driver. A drunk driver does not release the insurance company’s obligation to cover that individual. A finding by an investigating officer that the individual causing the accident was under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not necessarily evidence that will be presented to a jury if the case goes to trial. It is extremely important for early stage investigation for the purpose of gathering facts that can be presented that would show a jury that the individual appeared intoxicated at the time of the accident. Slurred speech, an abnormal gait, and odor of impurities on the breath, etc., all are indicators of driving under the influence. These symptoms need to be well documented for future presentation in the case.

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