When Should You Hire an Orlando Workers Compensation Lawyer?

When Should You Hire an Orlando Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Accidents at the workplace usually strike without notice. While not all accidents qualify for compensation, some may be severe enough to be eligible if the employer was at fault. Unfortunately, some workers do not know the perfect time to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer when seeking compensation.

Vaughan Law Group protects your rights following an occupational injury. You’ll understand when you should hire a workers’ comp attorney from our team.

Your Employer (Or Insurer) Has Rejected Your Claim

Your employer may willfully deny liability for your injuries at the workplace. Similarly, an insurance company may reject your claim based on the policy requirements. If you don’t persist in pursuing the claim, you may lose what you’re entitled to receive from the insurer.

Luckily, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Orlando can help you pursue your benefits. When you contact our law firm, we’ll act speedily to help you compile enough evidence and negotiate your claim.

You’ve Received an Unfair Settlement.

Although most workers’ compensation lawsuits settle outside court, some workers receive a lesser offer than they deserve.

Usually, when you negotiate without a work comp lawyer, the insurer may take advantage of the situation and give you an initial offer. Without an attorney, you may not tell if the offer reflects the actual value of your claim.

Luckily, Vaughan Law Group bridges the knowledge gap when valuing your claim. Therefore, you can rest assured that the offer from the insurer is proportional to your injury claims. We’ll consider all critical aspects, including your lost wages, the extent of injury, and treatment costs.

You’re Disabled After an Injury

Some minor injuries, such as cuts, may only require simple first aid to treat. Thus, you may not need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

However, if you incur severe injuries such as burns, fractures, or allergic chemical reactions, you may seek compensation to reimburse your treatment costs. Similarly, a substantial disability that causes partial or permanent impairment may qualify for compensation.

Vaughan Law Group comes in handy to help you file for compensation owing to severe injuries or impairment. First, we’ll help record sufficient evidence from your treatment records. Afterward, we’ll use the evidence to claim compensation for lost wages, emotional turmoil, and treatment costs.

Your Employer Has Retaliated Against You

A rogue boss can retaliate against you following a successful workers’ compensation claim. As a result, you may be demoted, fired, or subjected to an unlawful salary cut. If you’re a victim of an employer’s retaliation, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for legal assistance.